IRP3(d) - Application for Tax Directive Directors Remuneration - External (Form)
How to complete the Income Tax Return(ITR14) for Companies

This guide in its design, development, implementation and review phases is guided and underpinned by the SARS values, code of conduct and the applicable legislation. Should any aspect of this guide be in conflict with the applicable legislation the legislation will take precedence.

Guide to the ITR12 Return for Deceased and Insolvent Estates
Tax Guide for Micro Businesses
Tax Guide for Recreational Clubs

Section 10(1)(cO) and section 30A were introduced into the Act to deal with previously exempt clubs.1 The provisions of these sections are more detailed and comprehensive resulting in improved consistency and certainty. Specific punitive measures have been introduced in the Act to deal with situations in which a recreational club misuses its approval or exemption status or does not comply with the Act. An organisation will enjoy preferential tax treatment only after it has applied for and...

How to Register for eFiling and Complete the IT12EI Return for Tax Exempt Organisations
Guide to the Urban Development Zone Allowance

In line with many countries, South Africa has a number of urban areas that are impoverished and suffering from extensive urban decay. In order to address these concerns and maintain existing infrastructure, governments internationally have increasingly used tax measures to support efforts aimed at regenerating these urban areas.

S185 - Certificate Tax Recovery on behalf of Foreign Governments - External (Form)
SARS Common Reporting Standard FAQ - External Guide
How to Complete the Registration Amendments and Verification Form RAV01
Guide to the ITR12 Return for Deceased Estates