Internal Administrative Appeal
DA 162 Monthly Biodiesel Account
Environmental Levy on CO2 Emissions new Motor Vehicles Manufactured in SA
DA 177 for Carbon Dioxide Emission Levy
DA 161A Environmental Levy Account for Plastic Bags
Environmental Levy on Plastic Bags Manufactured in South Africa
Accounting for Duty
DA 185 4B2 - Licensing client type 4B2 manufacturing warehouse - External (Form)
Non-commercial manufacturer of sugary beverages Section 59A and Rule 54I 03 - External Form
DA 179 - Health Promotion Levy Return - External (Form)
DA 63 - Export for trade purposes of imported duty paid goods - External (Form)
Acquittal of Customs Declarations
Clearance of movements
Reporting and Conveyance of Goods
Application to Submit Cargo Reports
DA 185 - Registration and Licensing of Customs and Excise Clients - External Form
Prescribed Payment Rules
Submission of accounts returns
Prescribed Payment Terms Periods